Lake Kerkini

Lake Kerkini is one of the most important hydro biotopes of Greece while distinguishes for its rich flora and fauna.
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How to get here

In the main entrance of Villa Belles Hotel is the reception with a comfortable waiting room. Easterly of the reception is the snack - bar and westerly the cafeteria – bar with balconies that exceed 500 m.

In the snack - bar you will taste homemade local recipes such as pies, jams, buffalo meat and yogurt, deer meat etc. The ingredients used in the snack - bar are mostly local and fresh products from the surrounding villages, which ensure the best gastronomic result. The room is offered for conferences, reception and other events.

In the cafeteria – bar you will enjoy your coffee and your drink along with the view of wetland Kerkini. In the room, there is a television with nova connection and a fireplace for the cold wintry months. Villa Belles Hotel has a comfortable parking space that can accommodate more than 200 cars.

If you are looking for a place where you can organize and carry out your professional and social needs the conference room of the Villa Belles Hotel is the right choice. The conference room which lies between the other communal spaces of Villa Belles Hotel is equipped with modern and high technology systems.


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