Hunting is conducted through strict rules and regulations, which arise either from unwritten moral laws or from the scientific knowledge. Measures and restrictions are imposed by a congested legal framework and ensure the sustainable that is to say the continuous exploitation of the quarry resource.

Hunting is prohibited in hydro biotope of the Lake Kerkini (Ramsar convention) so that the protection needs of the wild fauna and of the biological diversity in general can be served.

Areas of hound’s exercise start from Neo Petritsi and follow the fire break way till the Monastery of Akritohori, continue on the way to Derveniatiko and end at the national road Serres – Kilkis.

The wild boar’s hunting on Mountain Belles, which is north of the hotel, starts at 15/09 every year and ends at 10/01 of the next year and it is allowed on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays each week at this time.


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