Nearby Villages
Akritochori is built on the green foot of Mountain Belles at an altitude of 130 m above sea level. The international walking paths E4 – 6 go through the village, reach the bridge of river Strymonas and continue easterly. Akritochori is known for the Hermitage of Saint John Prodromos, which was built according to the architectural model of Athos. North of the Hermitage there is an artificial Lake with spring water where visitors can fish.

Mandraki is built in the north side of Lake Kerkini, on the foot of Mountain Belles at an altitude of 50 m. According to archeological evidence, the ancient city Sintia was situated near the village (ruins of an ancient wall on the east entrance). The village constitutes a main point of access to the Lake Kerkini while the small port makes available the tours in the wetland with traditional boats.

Vyronia is built on the foot of Mountain Belles at an altitude of 40 m. In the fish aquarium the visitor can admire 27 species of fish from the wetland Kerkini and river Srtymonas and almost all the species of reptiles of Greece. Also, in the aquarium operates a hall where the visitor can watch DVDs and slide shows. The railway station of the village was built in 1896 and was the base of the Greek Headquarters during the final period of the Second Balkan War (1913).

Neo Petritsi is built on the southeastern foot of the Mountain Belles at an altitude of 100 m and just before the exit of river Srtymonas from the bottleneck of Roupel. The main feature of the area is the green valley of Lantzas, with the plane trees and the running waters of Soultanitsas. North of the village is found the historical heroic fortress Istibei, which is part of “line Metaxa”.

Magalochori is built on the shores of river Strymonas at an altitude of 35 m. The village constitutes a point of access to the biotope of the Lake Kerkini and to the lacustrine forest with the bird nests. In the “triangle” location the visitor can watch the riverside forest, the populations of various birds and the remains of a village that was set up for the needs of the film of Angelopoulos “The weeping meadow”. Also in this area the visitor can observe the largest number of water buffalos in Greece.

Gonimo is built southernly of the river Strymonas and in lower hypsometrically point from the riverbed. The municipality has regulated suitable the riverbed since the decade of 1970, in order to avoid disasters from the river flood. The village has organized space of recreation as well as football and basketball grounds.

The villages belong to the municipality of Petritsi and are 1km up to 25 km away from the hotel. Refreshment stands, cafeterias, taverns and restaurants that offer local delicacies (buffalo, deer or rabbit meat etc) operate on all of these villages.


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